Monday, December 17, 2007

Ron Paul Tea Party Nets $6 Million

Long shot Republican presidential wannabe, Ron Paul, broke the single-day Republican presidential-campaign fundraising record he set last month, raising about $6 million. Yesterday's event was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, which took place on Dec. 16, 1773. The Paul Campaign did it without the help of the blimp.

Paul is using his money to bankroll Huckabee critics

Two former Republican legislators from Arkansas were in Iowa this week, criticizing Huckabee's record on immigration and taxes on trips paid for by Ron Paul:

Critics of Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee visited Iowa to challenge the former Arkansas governor's record on rival U.S. Rep. Ron Paul's dime.

"He's a pro-gun, pro-life Bill Clinton," said former Arkansas state Sen. Jim Holt, R-Springdale, "(with) his communications skills, his likability and the way he's governed with taxes and all."

The jaunt to Iowa by Holt and former Arkansas state Rep. Randy Minton, R-Cabot, was funded by Paul's presidential campaign, the Arkansas News Service reported Friday.
There is a widespread impression that as the governor of Arkansas, Huckabee had a tendency to campaign to the right and governed from the left. As he has surged in recent polls, Huckabee has been criticized about his tax record, previous softness on illegal immigration, his pardon and commutation decisions, his questionable question about the Mormon faith, and his positions on foreign policy.

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