Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hillary's Big Blunder

In an article titled "Dems fear Hillary Clinton's certainty of winning is a big blunder," Robert Novak writes that Democrats believe Hillary's certainty of winning is a big blunder:

Old pro Democrats who had been in awe of Sen. Hillary Clinton's perfect campaign believe she made her first serious blunder last Monday by indicating to CBS' Katie Couric that her election as president is inevitable.

When Couric inquired ''how disappointed will you be'' if she does not win, Clinton replied: ''Well, it will be me.'' ''Clearly,'' the CBS anchor persisted, ''you have considered'' the ''possibility of losing''? ''No, I haven't,'' said the senator. ''So you never even consider the possibility?'' ''I don't. I don't.''
I don't agree. I don't see anything blunderous in Hillary's refusal to acknowledge the possibility she will fail in her quest for the presidency.

Watch the video, and tell us what you think.

I do agree with Novak that Bill Clinton's claim he had opposed the Iraq war ''from the beginning'' was stunning. I called Bill's incredulous assertion a political blunder of monumental proportions. Even USA Today liked that phrase.

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