Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hillary Lost

Two different focus groups, one from CNN, as well as one from FoxNews, conclude that Hillary came in third in today's Des Moines Register Democratic debate.

The CNN group said Edwards won:

In interviews conducted immediately after Thursday's Des Moines Register debate, most of the 23 undecided Democratic voters surveyed said they thought former Sen. John Edwards came out on top ­ and said he would get their vote if the election were held today.

Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois placed second in a focus group conducted by CNN when asked who would get their vote, and Sen. Hillary Clinton was the third choice.
Frank Luntz’s Fox News focus group also had Hillary in third place behind Edwards and Obama:

The big loser is Hillary. As David Yepsen put it:
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards — all had excellent afternoons. But nothing happened to knock Obama off his stride. Since he leads in the polls in Iowa, the event still leaves him ahead in the contest.
The vaunted Hillary juggernaut has hit a proverbial brick wall and there is fury in Hillaryland.

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