Monday, April 14, 2008

McCain As Squadron Commander

The Los Angeles Times, has an interesting article about Senator McCain's military service following his return from Vietnam, including his return to flying status and his command of a Navy attack squadron:

But McCain surprised his doctors by making a dramatic comeback. With a ferocious determination to fly again and a tough physical therapy regimen, he got his wings back and not long after was awarded command of the Navy's largest aviation squadron, VA-174, at Cecil Field in Florida. Blue-chip connections in the Nixon administration helped.

[. . .]

A review of Navy records and interviews with more than a dozen of his former colleagues paint a picture of a commander who was lionized by his troops as a war hero and respected by aviators as a fair and effective manager. He had rugged good looks and a common touch, and was fiercely loyal to those who worked for him, his former colleagues say.
Read the whole thing and you will understand why McCain points to his command of that squadron when he is asked about his qualifications to lead and manage.

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