Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dishonesty, Inexperience, Iraq

Gallup finds an important difference in the negative perceptions voters hold of the three remaining presidential candidates -- and its good news for McCain:

The most prevalent criticisms leveled against Obama and Clinton are all personal in nature: trustworthiness, likability, experience, and family connections. By contrast, the top criticisms of McCain are all more policy oriented: Iraq, associations with Bush, and being a Republican.

Gallup Poll Editor in Chief, Frank Newport, summarizes why Americans don't want a particular candidate elected president in the following video:

Hillary: Don't Trust Her, Reservations About Bill, and Likability
The most prominent reason given by those opposed to Clinton being elected president is not trusting her -- mentioned by 24%. However, the 18% saying they don't want Bill Clinton back in the White House and the 16% saying they don't like Hillary Clinton rank a fairly close second and third, respectively.

Obama: "Not Qualified"
Nearly 4 in 10 of those who least want to see Obama elected (39%) say they believe he is "inexperienced" or "not qualified" to be president. All other explanations are much less frequently mentioned. The reason cited second most frequently is trustworthiness, mentioned by 15% of those opposed to his becoming president. However, nearly as prevalent (12%) as an explanation for not wanting Obama elected is the belief that he is a Muslim.

McCain: Iraq, Bush, and the GOP
Those who least want to see McCain elected president are most likely to cite his position on the Iraq war (27%), his similarity with President Bush (25%), or the fact that he is a Republican (23%). In line with these policy-oriented reasons for opposing him, an additional 8% say they "disagree with his views on most issues."

Like President Reagan, people might disagree with McCain on specific issues, but they like and trust him.

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