Saturday, January 5, 2008

Romney Goes Positive

Mitt Romney has gone positive and launched a new TV ad that emphasizes strength, growth, and prosperity.

In New Hampshire, Romney has shifted his message, presenting himself as the Washington outsider:

Romney called himself "a guy that is hardly well known," and spoke at length not only about his business successes -- recalling how he was part of the group that got the office supply store Staples up and running -- but also about what is expected to be a recurring theme between now and Tuesday's New Hampshire primary: that he is not of Washington.

McCain, his main rival in New Hampshire, is, however, having spent decades in Congress.

"Sending the same people back to Washington and having them sit in different chairs is not going to change Washington," said Romney, who seemed easy and relaxed before the large crowd.
McCain is seen as a maverick. Trying to paint McCain, the Senate's preeminent "maverick," as a Washington insider is futile. Romney needs to stick to the more positive tone of his new ad.

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