Friday, January 4, 2008

Dodd and Biden Drop Out

Senators Chris Dodd and Joe Biden ended their failed presidential campaigns after dismal showings in the Iowa caucuses.

Dodd withdrew from the race saying he tried:

"I think we all knew from the very beginning that ... this would be an uphill battle," Connecticut senator Dodd told hundreds of supporters at a campaign rally in downtown Des Moines. "Only when you try can you truly make a difference in this world, and I’m truly glad I tried."

Tonight, I'm withdrawing from the presidential race.
Delaware Senator Joe Biden also withdrew, but couldn't announce it himself:
In a speech to supporters with his tearful wife, Jill at his side, Biden never once said he was dropping out, even declaring "I ain't going away."

But his political director Danny O'Brien confirmed after Biden's speech that Biden was ending his run for the nomination.
Both candidates should have seen the writing on the wall long ago. Dodd won just 0.02 percent of Iowa's caucus-goers, even after moving his family to Iowa weeks before the caucuses.

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