Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Michigan Primary Prediction 2008

I'm going to take another shot at exposing myself to unnecessary ridicule and predict guess what I think will be the result of the Michigan primary

Once again, the Republican race is a toss up between McCain and Romney. Michigan, like New Hampshire is an open primary, which means and any registered voter can vote. That again leaves us wondering whether independents will turn out and vote for McCain?

Romney - 31%
McCain - 30%
Huckabee - 17%
Thompson - 10%
Paul - 7%
Giuliani - 4%
Duncan Hunter - 1%

The Democratic primary doesn't count because the Democratic National Committee voted to disenfranchise Michigan Democrats by stripping Michigan of all of its 156 delegates to the party’s 2008 nominating convention in Denver.

The Democratic Party leaders are punishing Michigan Democrats for scheduling their presidential primary earlier than the national party leaders think they should. Democratic Party rules allow only Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina to hold 2008 primary contests before February 5.

The Democratic candidates all agreed not to campaign in Michigan and Edwards and Obama withdrew their names from the ballot. A whisper campaign is under way to get Edwards and Obama and supporters to vote for uncommitted, thereby embarrassing Hillary.

Hillary - 56%
Uncommitted - 41%
Kucinich - 2%
Gravel - 1%

You can find more New Hampshire at predictions at Election Projection.

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