Friday, June 6, 2008

Obama's Stolen Nomination

Jack Shafer writes that "Hillary Didn't Lose. Barack Won." Shafer got it half right. Hillary didn't lose. The nomination was stolen from her fair and square.

As I posted in "The Way Democrats Count Every Vote," the Democrats' so-called Rules Committee engaged in a little of that creative count every vote thing the Democrats do so well:

According to CNN, Hillary managed to "win" the Michigan Primary:

Clinton - 55%
Uncommitted - 40%
Kucinich - 4%
Dodd - 1%
Gravel - 0%

Based upon the votes, Hillary earned 73 delegates and Obama none. Fifty five delegates should be uncommitted.

Instead of agreeing to seat a Michigan delegation based on the actual votes, the Democrats cut a deal to "let every vote count" that "allows" Hillary to have 69 delegates and gives Obama 59 delegates. That's right, even though Obama's name wasn't even on the ballot and therefore no one voted for him, the Democrats are giving him 59 delegates.

As of 11:00 P.M. tonight, CNN reports Obama has 2,158 delegates. That is only 40 more than the 2,118 required to clinch the nomination. If the Rules Committee had not given Obama four of the delegates the voters said should go to Hillary and 55 delegates the voters said should be uncommitted, Obama would not yet be the Democrats' presumptive nominee.

I don't usually agree with Hillary about anything, but Hillary didn't lose and Obama didn't win. Nope, the Rules Committee simply stole delegates from Hillary and uncommitted and gave those stolen delegates, and the stolen nomination to Obama.

No wonder Hillary supporters are angry and are attempting to do something about it.

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