Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hillary Supporters Aren't Happy

Hillary Supporter: “When you tell me that much bad news about someone, I start to panic. Suddenly it's no longer about being a Democrat. It's about being an American. It's about preserving the United States of America.”

Hillary's campaign issued the following statement about the way the Democrats decided to "count every vote" in Michigan:

Today’s results are a victory for the people of Florida who will have a voice in selecting our Party’s nominee and will see its delegates seated at our party’s convention. The decision by the Rules and Bylaws Committee honors the votes that were cast by the people of Florida and allocates the delegates accordingly.

We strongly object to the Committee’s decision to undercut its own rules in seating Michigan’s delegates without reflecting the votes of the people of Michigan.

The Committee awarded to Senator Obama not only the delegates won by Uncommitted, but four of the delegates won by Senator Clinton. This decision violates the bedrock principles of our democracy and our Party.

We reserve the right to challenge this decision before the Credentials Committee and appeal for a fair allocation of Michigan’s delegates that actually reflect the votes as they were cast.

No, Hillary supporters are not happy:

Hillary Supporter: “I’ll probably vote for McCain first. Actually, I’d vote for George Bush over Obama. He’s [Obama] pretty scary and I think he’d ruin our country. So if Hillary doesn’t get in I’m going to have to really consider who I’m going to vote for.”

The New York Times reported that after the agreement was reached by the rules committee, Harold Ickes, one of Hillary's chief advisers, declared that Hillary’s fight may not be over:

“Mrs. Clinton has instructed me to reserve her rights to take this to the credentials committee,” Mr. Ickes said before the final vote, raising the specter of a fight until that committee meets. His words drew cheers from Clinton supporters, including many who yelled, “Denver! Denver! Denver!” — implying that the fight could go all the way to the convention in that city.

Mr. Ickes said the outcome for Michigan was a hijacking of voters’ intent because it assigned delegates to Mr. Obama even though he did not win them as his name was not on the ballot.

No, Hillary Supporters are not happy:

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anthonytampafl said...

Concession speech Why would a person that could get over 40% in a three man race in November and be president in 2009 do such a thing? If one dos not concede one remains on the ballot may be as an Independent so why concede?
Asking ones suporters to get behind a losser would crush any hopes of coming back in 2012 besides why wate You got the MoJo Working now strake well the iron is Hot and give it back to tham.
Regardless of the crowning of barack by superdelegates If Hillary dos not concede She will remain on the November ballot for president and who could blam Her?
Black entitlement to be pissed off is an under statment
Hillary has payed for the entitlement to be pissed off at the party that cut her out at half time.
Has there been a Black entitlement Oh You Know Its About time We Had A Black President ask the want a be M and M Father Pfleger and the Leftest Eletes of the Dean NC Party.
Yes it is about time we had a black president but a far and just man and no less of a man can hold office.
Now dos it have to be now at any cost and be this man Barack who is He Obama and think about it dos it have to be at any cost, just so it can be now ?
She should stay and never concede to a party that gave the game to Obama at half time when thy said she needs to get out The race Hell She needs to stay in the presidental race and get the hell out of the Dean N C Party that Sucks.
for the way thy treated Her thy deserve nothing and nothing less.