Sunday, January 7, 2007

Hunter Makes Stealth Visit To NH

California Republican Congressman and presidential wannabee, Duncan Hunter, is in New Hampshire this weekend.

Oddly, no one in the state knew about his upcoming trip until Friday afternoon, when he began calling Republican activists before and after he gave a speech on the House floor.

In one of those calls, for an interview with the Globe, Hunter said he wanted his trip to be “low-key.” Hunter told Republicans that he didn’t have much of a schedule at all and that he would pop in unannounced to local Republican leaders and media.

Nor is Hunter worried about raising the $100 million or so thought to be required to win the nomination:

Hunter said he wouldn’t need to raise that kind of money because “most of that money goes to pay for consultants that help them look like they are conservative and I am conservative already.”

Is anybody wondering why pundits don't take Hunter's presidential candidacy seriously?

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