Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dodd Is Running

Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd announced his bid for the White House this morning on the Don Imus radio show.

Dodd said he plans to focus on issues like education, energy policy and health care in his campaign.

Senator Dodd has been exploring a bid for the White House since May 2006, traveling to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and other early voting states to test his appeal.

The Senator has his work cut out for him:

On the national political radar Dodd is barely a blip. A Gallup survey of nationwide Democrats in December found Dodd the choice of 1 percent, while an ABC News/Washington Post survey listed him 11th with less than 1 percent.

Dodd will also have to persuade the antiwar activists to overlook his 2002 vote to authorize military intervention in Iraq. He is trying to make amends by opposing an increase in the number of U.S. troops in Iraq and has said Congress should consider withholding funding for such a troop increase.

Dodd is one of 24 prospective 2008 presidential candidates

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