Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Huckabee Wins West Virginia

Mike Huckabee wins the West Virginia Republican convention, getting all 18 of the state's delegates.

Romney led in the first round of voting but failed to achieve the majority required to win. Huckabee was projected the winner in the second round.

Huckabee - 52%
Romney - 47%
McCain - 1%
Giuliani - 0%
Paul - 0%

Republicans are holding nominating contests in contests in 20 other states today, while. Democrats are competing in 22 states.


Marc Ambinder has the inside scoop on how Huckabee won:

After the first round of balloting in West Virginia, Mitt Romney was solidly in the lead with 41% of the votes, followed by Mike Huckabee with 33% and John McCain with 16%.

[. . .]

But sources say that representatives for John McCain called many of his reps in WV and asked them to vote for Huckabee...in order to thwart Romney on the second ballot.

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