Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fred Endorses McCain


Fred Thompson, said late Friday he was endorsing McCain:

"This is no longer about past preferences or differences. It is about what is best for our country and for me that means that Republican should close ranks behind John McCain," Thompson said in a statement.
John McCain, in his new status as the presumptive Republican nominee has reached out to Conservatives. At the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., he was introduced by former Virginia Senator George Allen and Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, a not so subtle blessing from respected Conservative leaders.

McCain offered to meet disaffected Conservatives halfway. He vowed to lower taxes, appoint judges "of the character and quality of Justices Roberts and Alito," and reject "big government" solutions to health care, reminded the audience of his continuing support for the war, declaring, "I intend to win the war."

What is most important, for those of us who have quibbles over some of McCain's positions, McCain promised to listen:
"We have had a few disagreements," McCain said. "And none of us will pretend that we won't continue to have a few. But even in disagreement, especially in disagreement, I will seek the counsel of my fellow conservatives. If I am convinced my judgment is in error, I will correct it. And if I stand by my position, even after benefit of your counsel, I hope you will not lose sight of the far more numerous occasions when we are in accord."
We should follow Fred's example and respond to McCain's olive branch by also meeting the presumptive nominee halfway.

Sure, we all have at least some quibbles with McCain. We have some quibbles with everyone. But my quibbles with McCain, recede past the level of insignificance when compared to the enormous disagreements I have with either possible Democratic nominee.

We need not go through the list, issue by issue. It is more than enough to just briefly consider what the two possible Democratic presidential candidates, those darlings of the Liberal/Progressive left wing, promise they will do every time they recite their stump speeches: Retreat from Iraq, even as we are making significant progress in the longterm effort there; collect and spend billions an billions more in taxes expanding the big government nanny state so that it controls more and more of our lives; etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

To those who say they think they would rather sit out the election than meet McCain halfway, I respectfully ask that you reconsider. Is such a course of action responsible? Does leaving the field to your opponents ever help your cause to prevail? I think not.

I'm not suggesting that you change your mind and advocate or support positions with which you disagree. The discussion on those points can continue until some common understanding is reached. No, all I ask is that you respond to the olive branch offered by John McCain and just meet the presumptive Republican presidential nominee half way.

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