Friday, November 30, 2007

Send Hillary To Mars

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's response to a question asking about funding space exploration generated cheers from the audience:

Maybe Hillary could be on the first rocket to Mars.
More seriously, Huckabee said he supported expanding the space program because of how it has dramatically improved our lives:
Whether we ought to go to Mars is not a decision that I would want to make, but I would certainly want to make sure that we expand the space program, because every one of us who are sitting here tonight have our lives dramatically improved because there was a space program -- whether it's these screens that we see or the incredible electronics that we use, including the GPS systems that got many of you to this arena tonight.[From the CNN/YouTube Republican presidential debate transcript]
Tancredo was dismissive of sending Americans to Mars:
We can't afford some things, and by the way, going to Mars is one of them.
I couldn't disagree more with Tancredo about going to Mars.

Here's the video of Question 29 - What is your vision for human space exploration?

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