Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hillary Bracing For Loss In Iowa

Sun-Times Columnist, Jennifer Hunter, writes that Hillary must be worried.

The latest poll from the Washington Post and ABC News finds Barack Obama ahead in Iowa.

Over the last few weeks, Hillary has increased her Iowa field staff and opened new offices.

Edwards has been campaigning in Iowa nonstop since right after the 2004 presidential race. Edwards has visited Iowa more than any other candidate, a total of 61 days. Obama started his Iowa campaign in Iowa as soon as he decided to run. He has visited Iowa 33 times.

The Iowa caucuses are more important in winning the Democratic nomination. In addition, Hillary's Democratic challengers see Iowa as their best shot to overcome Hillary's inevitability campaign.
As the Iowa causes finally get near, Hillary has hit a bumpy stretch. Her Democratic opponents are taking shots at her, hitting her where she is most vulnerable -- her reputation as too cautious and calculating. Hillary, with her double talk, provided the needed ammunition.

As a quote from the Hunter article demonstrates, the Hillary campaign is lowering expectations, preparing for a possible loss in Iowa:

"Our definition of success doesn't necessarily mean coming in first," explains Clinton spokesman Mark Daley. "As long as we have a strong showing on caucus night."

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