Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hillary's Fugitive Fundraiser A Fugitive Again

Hillary's fugitive fundraiser failed to appear for his bail hearing on a grand theft charge. No, not 15 years ago, but again today:

A warrant was issued this morning for Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu, who failed to appear for a bail hearing on a 15-year-old grand theft charge.

San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Robert D. Foiles ordered Hsu, Hillary's felonious fugitive fundraiser, held without bail.

Hsu, a fugitive from justice since 1992, was jailed Friday after a judge ordered him to post $2 million bail. Hsu, turned himself in after first news accounts, then his lawyer, identified the Democratic fundraiser as a fugitive.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Hsu's attorney, James Brosnahan, explained that he had lost contact with Hsu and that the financier had failed to deliver his passport as promised:
"Mr. Hsu is not here and we don't know where he is," Brosnahan said outside court. "We expected him to be here."

Brosnahan told Foiles that a legal assistant for his law firm went to Hsu's New York City condominium last week and spent 90 minutes searching for Hsu's passport.

[. . .]

"We don't know if he has his passport," Deputy Atty. Gen. Ralph Sevilla said. "What we do know is that a bench warrant has been issued."

Back in 1992, before becoming one of the Democrats' go to bag men, Hsu disappeared after pleading no contest and agreeing to serve up to three years in prison for defrauding investors in a Ponzi scheme.

This is all sounding strangely familiar. We have seen unusual Clinton campaign contribution scandals before. The 1996 scandal saw 120 people connected to the Clinton fundraising efforts either flee the country to avoid questioning or plead the Fifth Amendment.

Clinton campaigns need to be scrutinized closely. The 1996 Clinton campaign wasn't and we had a situation which may have compromised American national security - the Chinese tried to influence our election.

Clintonites should have learned from 1996. The same people who worked in the 1996 Clinton campaign are running Hillary's presidential campaign, Terry McAuliffe, for example.

Hillary now says she is going to give some of Hsu's tainted money to charity. But why only two percent?

Clinton campaign contribution scandals don't start or end with Hsu. The George Soros-funded group, Americans Coming Together, headed up by a Clinton confidant and Hillary presidential campaign advisor, Harold Ickes, signed a settlement agreement with the Federal Election Commission to pay a $755,000 fine for campaign finance law violations. That fine was levied because over $137 million was improperly spent on Kerry's presidential campaign. This settlement was the third largest penalty ever paid to the FEC. The FEC released details of the agreement on August 29.

The Hsu campaign fundraising scandal goes beyond Hillary. Hillary's felonious fugitive fundraiser also contributed to Californicators, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, and New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, just to name a few.

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