Thursday, August 30, 2007

What About The Other $977,000?

Democratic presidential wannabee, Hillary Clinton, will donate to charity $23,000 of the contributions she has received from her fugitive fundraiser.

Why only $23,000? The Wall Street Journal [subscription required] reports that Hillary's fugitive fundraiser, also known as Norman Hsu, has raised over $1 million for Hillary's Presidential campaign:

Beyond his $23,000 in personal contributions to Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Hsu had raised well over $1 million for the New York senator's presidential campaign, making him one of her top 20 "bundlers.
As recently as Tuesday, Hillary's campaign was touting Hsu's integrity saying, "there has been no question about his integrity or his commitment to playing by the rules, and we have absolutely no reason to call his contributions into question."

After the Los Angeles Times reported that Hsu pleaded no contest to a grand theft charge, agreed to accept up to three years in prison, failed to show up for a sentencing hearing, and then disappeared, Hillary changed her tune. At least she changed her tune for 2 percent of the money Hsu raised for Hillary.

I don't get it. All of the money raised by Hillary's fugitive fundraiser is equally tainted. The entire $1 million should be given to charity, not just 2 percent of the funds raised by Hsu. Maybe Hillary is consulting with Al Gore, who remains unaware of any controlling legal authority.

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