Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hillary: The Surge Is Working

Even Hilary admits the surge is working.

Speaking at the annual convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Hillary noted that the "new tactics" in Iraq are working:

Unfortunately, the liberal presidential wannabee went on to say that the best way to honor U.S. soldiers is "by beginning to bring them home."

The crowd was more in-tune with McCain, who speaking after Hillary, said a troop pullout would be a mistake:

The reception for Mrs. Clinton was respectful yet tepid. Mr. McCain received loud applause when he suggested that a troop pullout would be “a mistake of colossal historical proportions.”

[. . . ]

Mr. McCain’s speech was interrupted by friendly applause from people seated throughout the hall. When Mrs. Clinton spoke, applause often was started by three young people in the middle of the room who were not wearing the trademark blue V.F.W. cap or convention name badges.
Hillary is wrong about pulling the troops out. The best way to honor the troops is to win.

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