Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Weighing Gore's Ambitions

Gore doesn't seem to be watching his weight these days, but Hillary 's watching:

Some members of Senator Clinton's team, concerned that the global warming warrior might jump into the presidential race, have been monitoring the former vice-president's girth. A svelte Gore is a presidential Gore, they reason. But they might not have much to worry about, judging from the stressed seams on Mr Gore's tuxedo on Oscar night.

"If he's running, he'll start losing weight fast," said a Clinton insider, who did not want to be identified. "Judging from where he is now, I'd say he's not running … "
What would James Carville say?

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Randall Ryan said...

I think Al would have a very difficult time winning either the nomination or a general election. But I do think he's seriously contemplating another run.

It's a shame, because he's found his voice championing fighting global warming. Running for president, no matter the outcome, will dilute his message.