Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hillary's Unfavorable Rating Climbs In NY

Senator Hillary Clinton's unfavorable rating has climbed by a third, among New York voters, since her November reelection:


While the Democrat's favorable rating among New York voters remained at a robust 56 percent in the latest poll from Siena College's Research Institute, her unfavorable rating was at 40 percent, the highest in the last two years of Siena's polling and up from 33 percent in a January poll conducted just a few days after her presidential campaign announcement.

The Siena poll of New York Democrats found Clinton leading other Democratic contenders:

Clinton 44 percent
Obama 13 percent
Gore 11 percent
Edwards 8 percent

Do you think New Yorkers are unhappy that Senator Clinton is running for president or that she hasn't yet found a way to convince the anything-but-victory Democrats that she regrets supporting the liberation of Iraq?

The poll was conducted February 15-19 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.

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Randall Ryan said...

I spend a fair amount of time in New York, and happened to be there a lot more during the Clinton-Guiliani Senate race in 2000.

Before Rudy bowed out, he was absolutely killing Hillary. It's interesting how it's been spun since that Hillary was running a tight race. She wasn't! Democratic donors were leaving in droves. Publicists were trying to come up with spin to explain her impending defeat.

And then Guiliani left the race, ostensibly due to his prostate cancer, Rick Lazio (aka Fodder) was put up at the last moment, and Hillary was gifted the office.

From what I've seen, New Yorkers have never been happy with her. They didn't really want her in the first place (although they sent her back to Washington like every other incumbent who doesn't grossly screw up). But even her "home" state is far from a lock. And her original "home" state of Illinois is now out of her reach when it comes to the Democratic nomination.