Monday, July 9, 2007

Sheehan Threatens Pelosi

Cindy Sheehan, the "Everymom of the antiwar movement," plans to run for Speaker Nancy Pelosi's congressional seat unless Pelosi introduces articles of impeachment against President Bush in the next two weeks.

Sheehan is unhappy that the Democratic Pelosi - Reid Congress hasn't ended the War:

"Democrats and Americans feel betrayed by the Democratic leadership," Sheehan told The Associated Press. "We hired them to bring an end to the war.

So much for Sheean's resignation from the anti-war movement. Sheehan and her left-wing extremist handlers are trying to capitalize on the American Research Group poll finding that 45 percent favor impeachment of the president, and 54 percent favor it for the vice president.

Will California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer warn Sheehan not to challenge Pelosi like Boxer did when Sheehan said she would run against California’s other Democratic Senator, Dianne Feinstein?

The image is from Pelosi's official website.

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