Thursday, December 21, 2006

Romney Supports Iraq Decision Process

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney supports President Bush's "process of deciding how to proceed in Iraq:"

"I support the work the president has been carrying out to talk to people who have first-hand contact with troops at the front level and generals at the front level," said Romney, a Republican taking steps toward running for president. "And I look to the president to lay out options for our nation."

"We're not going to turn around and walk out of Iraq. That would be a mistake," he added. "I support the very general idea of following the lead of the Department of Defense and the president's administration that have the input of the generals on the front line."

Romney declined to discuss specifics, such as whether more troops should be sent to Iraq:

“I won’t get into specifics about whether it should be 18,000, 20,000 or 15,000,” he said. “That’s for the generals and those on the front line to decide.”

Wouldn't Romney have been better off just saying it would be a mistake to walk out of Iraq?

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